A seamless technology partnership

Over the past 15 years, the internet’s demand for real-time video, information, content and commerce increased exponentially across every industry. Adobe Media Server delivered the best solution for low-latency media delivery then—and with our new partnership—it will now continue into the future.

Turn your low latency media events and commerce ideas into reality.

As the internet demand for real-time video, information, content and commerce increases for every industry, the need for low-latency media delivery platforms such as the Adobe Media Server continues to grow.

Veriskope has partnered with Adobe to globally sell, support, maintain, upgrade, and enhance the Adobe Media Server (AMS), the RTMP SDK and related video products.


Commitment to AMS

Veriskope’s goal is to meet the growing global demand for low latency video streaming
by providing world class service, support, and innovation to existing Adobe Media Server customers and
partners, while simultaneously bringing AMS to new markets and use cases.

Existing Customers

For existing AMS and RTMP customers interested in support, training, new licenses, or upgrades.

Veriskope will provide ongoing licensing, support, training and maintenance of AMS related products. We look forward to sharing news about enhancement and upgrades very soon.

Existing Partners

For existing partners and distributors interested in continuing to resell AMS.

Veriskope will continue to fully support channel sales via developers, resellers, system integrators, cloud partners and global distributors. Please contact us to learn more.

New Customers

For new customers, partners or long time fans interested in AMS.

Veriskope is here ready to help you innovate, ideate, and dream big. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Deliver innovative solutions for low latency video, data, and commerce utilizing Adobe Media Server and Veriskope.

Veriskope can offer start-to-finish strategy, design and development services to accelerate your time-to-market.

Live Video for Events, Sports, & Gaming

Utilize Adobe Media Server and related technology to deliver live video at scale from large corporate events, to live global sports, to the newest in e-sports competitions.

Live Video Training, Education & Government

Comprehensive technology such as real-time chat, whiteboards, polling, and more to deliver live video training—whether corporate sales training, live classrooms, or governmental broadcasts—to the world.

Live Analytics for IOT and e-Commerce

Real-time content and data streaming analytics to optimize visual recognition, machine learning, sentiment prediction, smart IoT, and personalized e-commerce solutions.

Would you like to find out more about Veriskope’s innovative video and data products and solutions?