Veriskope Amplify for ZOOM

Veriskope’s ZOOM Extension
Expand Your Video Events to Reach Large Audiences — Up to 100,000+

The world has changed in the last month and many global corporations, organizations, educational institutions, and others are looking for ways to utilize Zoom to reach an extra large audience of viewers (>1000). As many organizations have discovered, Zoom is simple to use to capture and share a presentation, but Zoom is not always equipped to manage over 1000 simultaneous viewers.

In order to support large and extra-large events, Veriskope Amplify for ZOOM is now available. Amplify for ZOOM is a new cloud-based solution that allows anyone to securely extend the reach of any Zoom event to tens of thousands of viewers. Veriskope Amplify for ZOOM lets your presenter use the Zoom presentation features, but audiences view content, answer questions and participate through a web interface that is secure and scalable up to 100,000 users.

Veriskope Amplify for ZOOM uses the high capacity Adobe Media Server (AMS) running on Amazon Web Services. This AMS technology has successfully delivered very large live simultaneous streaming events such as the Superbowl and Olympics to millions of viewers


How would my organization use Amplify for ZOOM?
To use Amplify, simply contact Veriskope to get started. Once we set up your Amplify account, you login and simply cut and paste several url links into the system and specify the anticipated size of the event. Inside Zoom, simply click the custom live streaming service and paste a url link shared inside Amplify and you are ready to broadcast your event to thousands.

How do end users access the Amplify for ZOOM extension?
End users access the Amplify experience by navigating to a specific URL in their web browser. This web page and video conference experience can be branded with the event name and messaging, as well as including a secure login before users can access content. The look and feel of the page as well as the promotion (or sharing) of the URL will be up to each company.

What type of event is Amplify for ZOOM good for?
Amplify is good for large events over 1000 viewers. These large events may include internal and external event broadcasts such as CEO town halls to all employees, virtual trade shows or virtual conferences, or even the upcoming surge of virtual college and high school graduations.

Does Veriskope have extensions for any other video applications (Google Meet, GoToMeeting, etc.)?
The good news is that the Veriskope Amplify platform is open to receive any RTMP video input and make it available to a large audience. Thus it can be used with other platforms such as Webex, Bluejeans, Go-To Meeting, or others. While Veriskope can support other web conferencing platforms, we will share that Zoom does has an easy click and paste interface to connect Amplify. Other conferencing systems require a bit more manual work to set-up and configure.

**ZOOM is a trademark of Zoom Video Communications, Inc.

Veriskope has developed a new solution called Amplify for ZOOM™ that allows users to easily extend the reach of Zoom to thousands or tens of thousands of users.

Working with leading CDNs and cloud providers, Veriskope Amplify for ZOOM is similar to YouTube and Facebook, in that an event producer can quickly extend the streaming capabilities of Zoom for a large extended audience. Veriskope utilizes the proven, highly scalable Adobe Media Server for backend streaming management.

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